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7 Low Cost Ways to Promote your Business

October 18, 2011 By: tcarlson Category: Finance, General Business, Marketing, Operations, Sales, Technology, Time Management

There are many low cost but high return ways to promote your business. Below is our quick hit list of 7 of them.

  1. Treat all business documents, from outgoing faxes and invoices to emails and shipment inserts, as an opportunity to promote the business by adding information about awards, company milestones, web site addresses, and contact phone numbers. You would be surprised how often companies send info out but do not include contact information.
  2. Add QR codes to your marketing materials including business cards – these codes can be linked to your website, a video about your company or any information on your product or services that you would like to share.
  3. Write articles on topics related to your expertise. Submit them to business editors of local or industry publications or e-zines.
  4. Create a Blog and also post to social media  such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.
  5. Identify complementary businesses and promote each other’s companies.
  6. Give a seminar or presentation related to your expertise – this can be sponsored by your company. People are always looking for information and being an expert can help promote your business.
  7. Purchase magnetic signs or license-plate holders identifying the company’s contact information for employees’ automobiles

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